1st webinar / Tom Fleming


 Culture and Creativity can be drivers for territorial development, not only in an economic dimension (creating jobs and wealth) but also social ( social cohesion), environmental (sustainable growth) and political (governance models and approaches).


This perspective requires a strategic approach, the consideration of long term effects and the creation of synergies between CCI sectors with other sectors. Those themes will be tackled by this first webinar of the Chebec project, organized by CIMAC ,and mainly addressed to decision makers and stakeholders in the Chebec regions. Main topics for discussion What are the strategic reasons for developing a creative ecosystem / cluster / programme? How can creative ecosystems become sustainable, inclusive and competitive? Are there standardized international mechanisms on culture and creativity which can be adapted to different types and scales of city and region? What are the different tools for larger cities, smaller cities, high density or low density urban areas? How to measure and use the direct and indirect socio-economic evidence for the cultural and creative sector in MED territories?

Tom Fleming

Tom Fleming is a leading international expert on the creative economy, cultural and arts policy and creative cities and regions. His work focuses on advising governments, municipalities and institutions across the world to develop effective research, policy, strategy and action across the creative economy. He has led strategic research projects in every region, with a particularly strong track record in Europe, Russia, SE Asia, Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Major clients include The World Bank, UNESCO, European Commission, British Council, Arts Councils, Film Councils, multiple governments, municipalities, cultural and educational organisations and NGOs.

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