Associacio d'editors del pais valencia

The Association of Publishers of the Valencian Country (AEPV), created in 1994, has among its fundamental aims the defense, promotion and diffusion of the edition of books and publications published by the Valencian publishing houses, paying special attention and dedication to the publications in Valencian, and all to promote the development and progress of the associated companies.

The publishing industry of the Valencian Community is made up of small publishers who are witnessing a major transformation in their industry. Especially affected by a globalization of actors that is hampering not only competition in foreign markets, but also in their own markets, where multinational actors are suffocating local industry. This situation endangers the industry not only in terms of economics and employment, but also in terms of the generation and preservation of local culture.
One of AEPV's most important lines of work is the internationalization of Valencian publishing companies.


Contact person:

Marian Val

+34 651 64 90 74