Build your music and your piano!

Ottavia is a professional modular keyboard! Each single Ottavia module (1 octave, 12 dynamic keys) can be used individually or together with others in order to compose a complete piano keyboard. You can also use Ottavia for studio work, where the musicians use 1 or 2 octaves, or for live performances, where 7/8 octaves are needed. The modularity of the instrument reduces its size, and therefore makes the instrument easy to transport. The prototype consists of 4 octaves. It is equipped with USB output, to connect it to the PC, MIDI connectors, to connect it to an expander, and a USB input to connect it to another Ottavia module.
OTTAVIA is not a toy! It's a real musical instrument. The quality of the mechanics will always have priority over new features, which will be present in future updates.


Silvio Scena - CEO and Founder

+39 3923877357