Aupa strings

Aupa is an alive musical organism of strings structured by its own language that is at the crossover between current urban music and the depth of classical tradition.

Their strings vibrate to enrich classical conventions through their own composition, improvisation, interpretation and pedagogy. Their magic comes from the balance between formal and informal, agreed material and constant game. Aupa understands music and musician's work in all its richness and complexity, knowing that instruments are creation tools free from styles or traditions. The project has just completed its first decade with 5 tours in Asia, one in South America and multiple concerts throughout the European territory. 
Aupa is a multiform project passionate to share: concerts are the place to give the energy of their compositions, with workshops share their tools with musicians of all levels and in the family shows spread their wide vision of music with new generations.

Asier Suberbiola
+34 635753344