UdruZene was established in 2012 to fuse modern design with traditional skills of knitting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to also enable the financial independence of women knitters.

UdruZene combines the business world of high fashion with socially and economically vulnerable categories of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, UdruZene  creates outstanding products for domestic and foreign markets, and at the same time maintains the tradition of making handmade products.
UdruZene creates products manually by team of 350 trained and experienced knitters using traditional techniques of knitting, crocheting and ties and transform the most demanding creative ideas into high-quality garments, regardless of the needed amount ..
UdruZene guaranties top quality, teamwork and commitment to customers as it have proved with its work in previous years, collaborating with designers from several countries. UdruZene successfully cooperates with different designers, and its products are sold in France, the Netherlands, Korea, China, Japan, and Norway…




Obala Kulina bana 22
 71000 Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina
 + 387 33 217 390