What we do

Our objectives

Chebec objective is to increase the economic sustainability and the job creation (and maintenance) of CCIs through an innovative, combined and comprehensive approach in term of support services.

Starting from already existing best practices to be re-adapded and adjusted on CCI main needs, Chebec aims at develop an effective set of tools able to answer to the innovation challenge highlighted by the present call, designing a transnational favorable environment for CCIs, with common support facilities, actors and rules.

Expected results

1/Reinforced regional ecosystems, connected with other Mediterranean areas:

For several reasons, Chebec's partners have verified that a rich and united ecosystem favors the sector of the industries of culture and creativity.

Business support operators - public agencies, incubators, institutions, etc. - must develop new skills and close links with their territories or their communities in order to induce new dynamics and launch new initiatives.
Links with cluster members from similar regions will enable to develop new knowledge and opportunities for innovation and market development.
Chebec will set up matchmaking events that will include companies as well as operators, skill development initiatives via webinars and live seminars as well as the identification of common recommendations for cluster support.
These activities, together with an international context - more favourable to exchanges - will help to bridge the gaps in local communities and strengthen collaboration.

2/ Improve CCI companies and professionals capacity to innovate and access Mediterranean markets:

Chebec will test a complete program to support trans-regional collaboration among companies and professionals in the cultural industries and creativity industries.
A support program will be implemented in the 9 partner regions and will give 10 companies / professionals - in each region - access to a full support service set to develop and implement a growth strategy in other Mediterranean regions .
Three mobility actions will be organized to allow the development of collaborations among participants in local support programs.
"Innovation Vouchers" will support the effective development of trans-regional collaborations.