Festival Russafa Escènica

RUSSAFA ESCÈNICA. FESTIVAL DE TARDOR is an annual performing arts festival that is currently moving towards its tenth edition.

It takes place during the last two weeks of September and the first week of October, consolidating itself as the city's Autumn Festival and opening the season. An event that transforms the central and popular Russafa district of Valencia into a gigantic showcase; an essential meeting point for attending the premieres, activities, round tables and exhibitions presented there. A pioneering social initiative that occupies private spaces, such as offices, private homes, art galleries, shops, swimming pools and bookstores, etc. to transform them into performance spaces during the first two weeks of the Festival, focusing on emerging stage creation and encouraging the consolidation of new artists and companies, while bringing the public closer to the performing arts. For two years now, the festival has also added a third week with national and international performances focusing on new stage languages, in theatres, museums and cultural centres throughout the city of Valencia.

Santiago Ribelles Zorita
Paula Rausell Escribá