Wood Team is a chair manufacturing company established in 2010.. Company headquarters is located in the town  Visoko, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Being able to produce high quality chairs while keeping low prices is the number one reason why customers choose Wood Team. The proximity of Bosnia and Herzegovina to European markets promises flexibility and short delivery times. Due to close cooperation with a tannery and the focus placed on perfecting the production of leather chairs, Wood Team competitive advantage in this segment is uncountable. Wood Team design studio and the development department work together with customers to meet their needs and ideas with personalized design. When creating new chair models, special attention is paid to their comfort and durability. WOOD Team is fuelled by innovative approach to products and processes. These forward-looking ideas would never be possible without Wood Team staying very close to creative industry where it draws its biggest inspiration from.

Main activities

•    Production of wooden chair elements

•    Production of plywood shells

•    Mechanical preparation of chair elements for assembling

•    Assembly and varnishing of chair construction




Arnautovići bb

71300 Visoko Bosnia and Herzegovina

+387 32 941 984