Tecno edile toscana

Tecno Edile Toscana Srl studies, produces and sells products and technologies for monuments, archeologic sites and historical buildings restoration.

Tecno Edile Toscana srl owns over 250 exclusive formulas for monuments restoration developed in its own laboratories and/or in cooperation with public and private authorities such as Italian Central Institute for Restoration, Opificio delle Pietre Dure, SUPSI, Agemina Lab (Italian Research Ministery accredited materials research and development centre) and many private companies.
Among the last projects successfully completed we can include:

- development of the mortars employed for the grouting and reconstruction of Trevi Fountain and Palazzo Venezia restoration;
- the water-repellent injection mortar used for the re-adhesion of the marble flooring on the “Sommo Loggiato del Vittoriano” in Rome (Italy);
- the low-density adhesive mortar employed for the mosaics re-adhesion and bedding mortar reinforcement in “Baptistery of St. John the Baptist” in Florence (Italy);
- the development of the mortars employed for underwater restoration of the submerged “Roman Villa of the Dolia” in the ancient archaelogical site of Epidavros (Greeece) as part of the project “restore underwater” in the european initiative BLUEMED;

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