Made for art! is an innovative start-up founded in 2015.

Hubstract provides and develops products and services for communication and promotion of cultural heritage and activities using and integrating innovative technologies with traditional language.
Hubstract designs immersive, interactive and multimedia set-ups, web campaigns and live performances and produces audio-visuals, 3D modeling and animations, augmented and virtual reality and graphic design.
All projects follow a strong storytelling approach in order to involve the visitor / user into a more engaging experience.
Hubstract believes in “shared knowledge environment”, where the combination of liberal arts with science and technology represents an added value in terms of cultural growth and an incentive for the development of productive and artistic realities of the territory.
Hubstract transforms every cultural activity fruition in a unique emotional, sensorial and experiential moment.


Stefano Fiori
+ 39 329 152 1649