Monda, frome th roots to the world.

MONDA is considered one of the groups of the most recognized new generation of Portugal. The MONDA collective recreates a tradition of folk / contemporary music, crossing the FADO and mixing traditional compositions from the south of Portugal, said Cante Alentejano (intangible Heritage of Humanity). The international aspect is considered a priority, in the search for new audiences and in the dissemination of the heritage of a people able to embrace and absorb ne territories through a new sound beyond the Portuguese music largely recognized, fado. The first album of MONDA, published in 2016, has been awarded by the public and the critics. Produced by renowned pianist Ruben Alves, he has had special appearances, such as Rui Veloso or Katia Guerreiro. A new album was released in April 2019 and will bring together guest musicians from the United States, passing through Jordan and of course some of the best Portuguese musiciens. It will be an album with a clear approach to other cultures and sounds, without ever losing its essence and nativity. The Monda concert is an invitation to joy and celebration of life.


Ana Direitinho

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