Guia flama

Flama has been the flamenco guide since 2005. After 15 years being the main flamenco agenda; we have become in the last 8/9 years a ticket's platform for flamenco festivals (in the summertime).

Along this year of 2019 we are working in an international project to sell flamenco all the year throughout Spain, the tablaos. The flamenco festivals in summer are normally for nationals. The tablaos are working the whole year, and are more visited by tourists (nationales and internationals). This way, we will be able to sell ‘ice creams’ all along the year. And in summer, we will have both options.
Our main objective is to become the main flamenco ticket seller all around Europe; and, of course, we will also sell tickets all over the world. We have come into an agreement with Tour Spain. They accepted up to six links to
Tour Spain depends on the Ministry of Tourism of the Spanish Government. This shows the importance of the agenda of flama and backs our veracity.
We are working on this project because the main flamenco seller online must be a company which really works with flamenco from inside. This would be the fair thing. This way, we would avoid a foreign (or national) enterprise to come just for the economic interest. This way, flamenco is going to be treated with more respect from knowledge.


Isidoro Cascajo de la Barrera-Caro
SEO & founder of Flama, the flamenco guide
wasap: 0034 689 240 002
tel: 0034 677 22 70 88