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LaPlasita has been around for 25 years now. This experience allows us to be experts in the theme: city and food. We are trying to create a problematic around the way cities feed and operate. LaPlasita invites participants to think creatively and artistically. Art is our common thread.

From the different researches, works, lunches and dinners that “LaPlasita” has been developing since 2000 have emerged some plastic pieces that in reality are artistic pieces. From there, we have incorporated the possibility of making art, into our process of thought, thus we produce objects or artistic series. "Como Arte" is an artistic action mixing exhibition, happening, music, gastronomy, conferences and research.

Some artistic pieces are collective and have been produced with craftsmen, cooks, artists etc. The fact of soiling the object through gastronomy makes the piece unique. History and stains embellish the object.   

The experience "Como Arte" is already well known in Spain since we have developped this work in three different cities: Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. The three shows are distinct and adapt according to the city.

The objective of “Como Arte” is to discover a city from a new angle. Know the gastronomic places, understand how the city is organized, care about how we eat. During the action, we strategically move to certain places in order to obtain concrete information and exchange with the inhabitants and actors of the city.

The action leads us to see the city in another way, to realise the daily life of our city. We will be able to figure out how the city works to feed us.
We create a gastronomic itinerary to meet people who can bring us information and record gastronomic noises.
That is to say, those who are interested in their city, in its operation, who want to discover new places, meet new people, and think in group about a problem that we rarely discuss.

As gastronomy is one of LaPlasita’s specialities, we always organise a culinary workshop.
Our actions take place in an emblematic place of the city. We cook, think and dance in a symbolic place.

We are looking to create a user-friendly moment from which we come out full and enriched with a new experience.

We are currently working to develop this project abroad. We are particularly interested in exporting this project to another country because our team is multilingual and we've developed a great interest in foreign languages and cultures.

Thanks to its' years of experience, LaPlasita is able to take this project outside Spain. This leads us to renew and refresh ourselves, and push back our limits by opting for new project management methods.


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