Born in Bologna in 2015, it chooses its name from the ancient Greek ἡβάσκω: "take strength, become young”. Teatro Ebasko is a theatrical research group that through the experimentation of different artistic languages investigates the functions of the body and voice on stage.

Since 2014 the group leads workshops for Bologna's citizens and university students.It has one show in its repertoire, Mèlisse and one in production: COSMOS. Entirely composed by under-35 artists, the group has been organizing festivals, theatrical reviews, culturalprojects of social inclusion for several years, winning European and national calls and participating in the programming of various national and international organizations. Composed of a staff of 5 internal members plus various collaborators, the group is set up in February 2016 working especially in Bologna, Modena and the Emilia-Romagna region.
1 • ARTISTIC: The company produces shows followingthe creation in all phases: production, staging and dissemination/promotion.
2 • SOCIAL/CULTURAL: Designs youth exchanges with citizens of the European Community and intercontinentalcountries; conducts theater workshops in marginal areas of society (prisons,refugee centers, borders, hospitalof mental disabilities, etc.).
3 • ORGANISATION: It favors the meeting between young artistic realities organizing reviews and festivals and opening cultural proposals to thecity in which it operates.As the Poverarte Festival in Bologna and the Trasparenze Festival in Modena.
4 • WORKSHOPS AND TRAINING: It organizes and conducts seasonal workshops, intensive workshops, cultural residences with the aim of creatinga theatrical research center in constant motion, a mental and physical place openedto professional artists as well as to common citizen