ARTernative is a startup that takes advantage of gaming, cutting edge technologies and the fascination of storytelling to help people rediscover cultural heritage in a brand new and engaging way.

That’s why ARTernative created QuickMuseum: an app that allows tourists to find their way around any cultural site, enriching their visit with personalized tours, easy-to-listen audioguides, gamification, augmented reality and interactive maps.
QuickMuseum offers the chance to little-known institutions to have, with minimal financial effort, a tailor-made app that helps visitors in their tours and that might become a powerful promotional tool towards old visitors or to attract new ones.
ARTernative aims to make any form of culture understandable and accessible to everyone, from low-budget tourists to luxury ones, disabled or not, young or old, silly or serious, smart or dumb, to turn their visit into a memorable experience. And with this aim firmly in mind, ARTernative is committed to create specific projects for widely overlooked disabled communities, for whom valid alternatives to traditional museum audioguides are still missing.

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