Mat paper art

Mat Paper Art is represented by Mathilde Arnaud, a French graphic designer and paper engineer.  She provides design services for any type of projects requiring paper expertise, mastering techniques like pop-up, kirigami, origami or modular folding.

She designs playful and attractive paper set designs or communication mediums for brands and institutions. Her work is mostly used on social network and as decoration for special events. She explores frame's limits by digging directly into the paper flesh to create images as a space in several dimensions requiring the involvement of the viewer.

Mathilde also gives trainings and organizes workshops to share her skills and teach people how to design and manage paper projects.

Mat Paper Art worked for clients like Musée du Louvre, SOS Méditerranée, L’Occitane, Dove, Perrier, Yves Rocher. She’s currently working on children’s pop-up books for publishers like Les Grandes Personnes and Marcel & Joachim.

32 La Canebière - 13001 Marseille