Art House

The ArtHouse Association is committed to strengthening regional  Cooperation, promoting and improving  the fine and performing arts, modern art, poetry as well as music culture, bringing together artists and art lovers in the cluster.

ArtHouse  is committed to artistic projects of all genres of fine arts, film, theatre, literature, design, multimedia projects. Association designes projects for the development of tourism, authentic arts and culture through tradition and modernity. It promotes and creates employment opportunities through project implementation, enhancing employability and productivity skills.
The members are artists with an academic background, as well as those with no professional training regardless of age.
 The priority of the Association is to empower more artists to enter into entrepreneurial "leads", learn business processes that would channel their creative energy into creative and lucrative start-up businesses.

Kuca umjetnosti Art House
Husinjska 57,
71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina