Sand & Birch Studio is an Italian design studio co-founded by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro.

They started their collaboration in 2003 designing a contemporary furniture collection. Their limited-edition works and experimentations in functional art are made with premium materials by Italian artisans. Every piece of furniture tells a story.
Whilst receiving requests of their works from around the world, the two partners widened their offer of services to encompass product and robotic design, interior design, brand identity for companies and environmental design projects. Recent projects range from drones for agriculture and entertainment to large scale parts and sand dune conservation.
Fino and Snidaro are also involved in education and training programs. They have been visiting lecturers at Paekche Institute of the Arts in Seoul and Wonkwang University in Iksan until 2017. They are currently partnered with Universities in Turkey for academy support and research.           Interns at S&B Studio come from both within and external to the EU (Hong Kong PoliU, Loughborough Univ., Sapienza Roma, PoliMi and many others).
Works from the studio have been featured in a wide number of international publications.

Samanta Snidaro  
 +39 3481556252