FCV Sagunt

The “Fundació de la Comunitat Valenciana de Patrimoni Industrial i Memòria Obrera de Port de Sagunt” was founded 25 years ago after the industrial restructuring of Puerto de Sagunto (Spain). Its mission is to try to preserve and enhance both the industrial heritage and the collective memory of the work culture and the workers' movement, which characterise the identity of this “Company Town”.

Our work as a Foundation is perceived as being close to the citizenship, and is well accepted when using the industrial heritage to build a future based on dignity and respect for history. Our installations also include the blast furnace open to visitors and the future industrial museum located in a former workshop hall (Nave de Efectos y repuestos). Other assets are machinery, like locomotives and engines, tools, furniture, foundry moulds and a vast historical archive (documents, films and fotos), waiting for its cataloguing and digitalisation. Currently we are offering a guided tour of the Blast Furnace, which is aimed at the general public and lasts approximately 90 minutes. At the moment the tours are only offered in Spanish or Valencian. In addition, we offer advice and information on questions relating to the company archive, since, for example, most of the local school or hospital files can be found in the former company archive. Other services include participation in exhibitions or assistance in advisory bodies.



Av. 9d´octubre nº 7 (46520 Port de Sagunt) Spain

Phd Maria Hebenstreit


+34 658201440