Ana Illueca Ceramics

Ana illueca is a ceramist who defends the roots of Valencia ceramics as an identity symbol of her roots. Roots that she wants to updated and reinterpreted, recovering the iconography and pigments. In her work there is always a story, there is a concept and there is a soul.

She works the pottery parts as a transmitter. The pottery implies an exclusive dedication to the object, projecting in each turning of the potter's wheel the language of the artist.

“Art is a language, and I speak pottery. Through it, I tell the story of my life. And yours too. At my studio, clay and colors come together to give shape to universal feelings and memories. Turning them into plates and vessels, stories become tangible and can finally be shared. Explore the arts, find your language. Shape your stories and share them with me.”


Contact person:

Ana Illueca

+34 645 20 26 26