Lisa tibaldi grassi

The fashion designer Lisa Tibaldi Grassi in 2018 decided to found a creative start-up with the evocative name Terra Mia (My Land), dedicated to the production of sustainable fashion handmade in Italy luxury Accessories made with traditional handicrafts of excellence with a strong territorial connotation. 

Located in central part of Italy, in south Lazio Region ancient area called Terra Aurunca, the company has an innovative High Bijoux and Handbag Collections made basically with the “STRAMMA” (dialect name of a local gras ancient used for basketry) leafs and a Silk scarf collection . For its eco-sustainable, artistic and traditional value, Terra Mia has obtained the recognition of the Free Patronage of 3 important local authorities: The Monti Aurunci Regional Park, The Riviera di Ulisse Regional park and the XVII  Aurunci Mountain Community.

Mrs. Lisa Tibaldi Grassi
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Mobile +39 335 1622 584