Po de vir a ser

At Pó de Vir a Ser Workshops we provide facilities for artists and craftsman to gain knowledge and experience in stone sculpture.

We believe that sculpture is a means to get in touch with the community, to transform public space and we are always looking for artists that are engaged in the promotion of sustainable practices of artistic expression. We aim to inspire a discourse about the value of natural stone and to connect the various realities of this resource - across time and space - within a contemporary context of arts and crafts practices.
Pó de Vir a Ser is located in the historical center of Évora, a world heritage city, and our workshops have transformed the city’s old Slaugtherhouse, an industrial building from the XIXth century, into a workspace devoted to artistic creation. Our workshops are equipped with tools and the professional assistance necessary for the development of projects of various scales. The workshops can be used by experienced artists or by those in training, within an artistic residency framework or in an adaptable learning by experimentation program.

Email: geral@podeviraser.pt
Contact Person:
Mariana Mata Passos
+ 351 910735785