The Almaclara Women's Chamber Orchestra was born in March 2008 with the aim of claiming and honoring all the women who, throughout the History of Music, have failed to achieve their goals due not to their lack of talent, but because of be women.

The name of the Orchestra arises, precisely, from the union of two of these women, Alma Mahler and Clara Schumann, who, although they were musicians of the highest creative and technical level, always remained in the shadow of a society and a guild eminently masculine.
Almaclara brings together a group of young women, with extensive training, extensive experience and desire to enjoy orchestral music.
Since 2014, Almaclara has a collaboration agreement with the Andalusian company Inés Rosales, going on to name the orchestra and the solo quartet Almaclara·Inés Rosales.
Our principal projects are: Almaclara·Inés Rosales Women's Chamber Orchestra
Almaclara Soloists (Almaclara·Inés Rosales string quartet, Almaclara 4 cello), Almaclara a Escena (drama and music), Almaclara Pedagógica (classical music for kids) and five editions of our own Almaclara Festival.
Beatriz González
IG + TW: @almaclara_ocm