Notte e giorno

Notte e Giorno Musictheater is a performing arts project set in Barcelona creating formally original classical music productions.

Its multidisciplinar plays have been shown in Catalonia with a great sucess and aim to be shown abroad. Notte e Giorno has been producing multidisciplinary plays more than three years.
Each of their projects is born from an expressive need of performing a repertoire with a new format. Each of them is exploring classical music and making it grow thanks to the gathering of the Arts.
To our spectators music is a festive life experience where to think about the contemporary world. We take a commitment with our social environment asking it to look itself on the mirror so that a reflection on the social animal we are can be grown up.
Notte e Giorno is looking for excellence in its performances as well as a non-only-aesthetic pleasure for the audience. We believe that the social breakthrough for contemporary societies can be sustained opening new eyes for multidisciplinary art. That’s the main goal of Notte e Giorno.


Paz Jiménez Vicens
+34 653 034 194