Juan j.ochoa

Juan J. Ochoa is a Spanish pianist and composer known for his vibrant music for electronic
prepared piano and his sough after soundtracks for films and dance shows.

His style builds bridges between the classical tradition, the avant-garde and the electronic dance music, with compositions that present a strong visual and physical aspect as well as deep and emotive sensitivity. Nominated for best music at the Zurich International Film Music Competition, he collaborates regularly as a pianist and composer for choreographers and dance companies such as the English National Ballet, Rambert Dance Company, Dana Raz Dance Company or Inquiquinante Danza. He is currently in the process of creation of THE PREPARED PIANO RAVE, a live show that explores the limits and possibilities of this instrument, fused with electronic music, developing a whole new experience inspired in the night rave parties, where the live piano substitutes the role of the DJ.

Mail: juanjo8a@hotmail.com
Tlf: +34679643176