Cirque perdu

Le cirque perdu has an atypical team composition in which everyone brings their grain of sand to our shows.

The administration is carried out by a physiotherapist, the costume designer is a circus trapeze artist, the technician is a recycled acrobat and the secretary is a pharmacist. Our inner desire as a team is to create atypical shows and make them reach our audience. Based in Barcelona and France, the team is promoted and coordinated by Ruth Salama, an artist trained in theater, circus and flamenco. As a team, we are inspired by human stories, creating circus-theater shows dedicated to family audiences, with humor and poetry. We collaborate with circus, dance and theater schools to transmit to adults, children and fans, the fruit of our professional experience. Our passion is to provide for a "little while" harmony, lightness and color to families; thus improving emotional skills and communication between both generations. We believe it brings tolerance and humanity to our society.

We do it by crossing different scenic languages: “artistic disglosia”. Concept derived from mental disglosia that involves thinking in different languages, looking for the right word in any language to express an idea. Our creations tell a story in several languages. Our languages ​​are dance, theater and circus. They mix without prejudice combining new rhymes.

We are currently promoting:
    •    LOCURA FLAMENCA, an humoristic approach to the history and origins of flamenco.

    •    Magic hug: Circus and dance choreography about the mother-child relationship with an aerial artist and a child. A tribute to the universal bond that unites these two beings who are perpetually searching for love. 


Ruth Salama
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