The Orchestra Senzaspine was founded in Bologna in 2013 by Tommaso Ussardi and Matteo Parmeggiani, currently president and vice-president of the homonymous association.

The Senzaspine aims to return classical music to the love of the general public and to offer young orchestra members concrete professional opportunities. All according to a 'pop' approach, simple and engaging, also leveraging the formula of the 'concert-show'. In seven years of life, the Senzaspine have overturned stereotypes and revolutionized the common perception of classical music. To date, they have over 400 musical events and collaborations with internationally renowned soloists. Since 2015, thanks to a call for proposals from the Municipality of Bologna, the Orchestra has been based at the Mercato Sonato, the theatre of an urban and cultural regeneration intervention unique in Europe. Here, next to the Choir Voci Bianche Senzaspine, in 2017 the Scuola di Musica Senzaspine and the Coro degli Stonati were born.
The Sonato Market is located inside the former district market of the S.Donato-S.Vitale District as a covered square, home and trigger for the meeting of arts and crafts. A forge of artistic and musical contaminations that nourishes culture with participation, inclusiveness and multiculturality: together with our public we build the sets of the Senzaspine works and the scripts of theatrical performances, involving and having fun with the most lively events of the Bolognese and national cultural scene.

Contact person :

Luca Cantelli